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Brick Repair & Restoration

DFW’s Leading Masonry Repair and Restoration Contractor

Masonry restoration is an art. Hire a us today to make sure it is done right!

Sometimes, for brick and stonework, it’s more cost-effective to repair rather than replace. Simple mortar repairs are often required for newer homes due to the lack of a proper mixture of cement and sand. Through time, slight movements of our homes can lead to cracking. At McFall Masonry & Construction, we’re experts in removing mortar and installing correct, rich mortar cleanly to rejuvenate your home, retaining wall, or any other brick and stone structure on your property. 

The repair process for brick and stonework is called “repointing” or sometimes “tuck pointing.” Repointing should be considered whenever existing mortar joints are eroded by a 1/3 inch or more from the face of the masonry or if the joints are visibly cracked or separated from the masonry units. Repointing involves removing the old joint mortar, repairing damaged masonry, and filling the joints with fresh, strength-tested, color-matched mortar. We repair brick, cast stone, concrete, granite, limestone, marble, plaster, sandstone, slate, and terra cotta. Masonry restoration is an art—it requires well-equipped, well-trained, and caring craftsmen to do the job correctly. That’s where McFall Masonry comes in!

Go Beyond A Restoration & Add To Your Outdoor Oasis

As a one-stop shop for all your outdoor home improvement needs, McFall Masonry can make any addition to your home while also completing repairs. Outdoor kitchens, patio covers, waterfalls, and much more can be designed and built, giving you a whole new outdoor hangout spot. Call McFall Masonry and Construction today to increase your property value and upgrade your home.

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Leading Masonry Repair and Restoration Contractor

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Common Examples Of Masonry Repairs & Restorations

  • Brick repair and replacement are our specialty. We match existing masonry and mortar colors exactly. We will remove all cracked and crumbling mortar joints, as well as cracked brick, and re-point or injection-grout them to ensure that the masonry is completely filled. When we are finished it will be virtually impossible to identify the areas of our masonry brick repair.
  • Stone or brick walls at your home may need to be repaired due to a lack of ties attached to their framing.
  • Archway repairs are common. We place arches back into position, shore them up, and then restore the arches to their original condition.
  • Mailboxes that are leaning usually can be repaired by shoring up & adding more foundation, rather than rebuilding.
  • Brick fences can usually be repaired rather than replaced. The usual problem associated with brick fences is their lack of undergirding or reinforcement. These can usually be repaired rather than removed and rebuilt.

An Outdoor Contractor That You Can Trust

Reliable Improvements
Our craftsmanship is built to last for years to come, regardless of any wear and tear the Texas weather puts your home improvement project through.
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For over 40 years, we have been based in Argyle, TX, and serving the DFW area with quality workmanship.
Extensive Offerings
We’re excited to be one of the few contractors in the area that offers concrete, masonry, and patio services.
Fairly Priced
Our services come reasonably priced without sacrificing the quality you deserve with your outdoor home improvement project.
Hear From Satisfied Customers
Caleb Francis's Rating
Dan and team did a fantastic job for us. We had them extend our driveway quite a bit and add stone around our flower gardens. They gave us a fair price, communicated well, and completed the work very timely with excellence. Highly recommend. Caleb Francis
Joe Riggs's Rating
Quality, detailed work. Dan and team built our custom firepit. It perfectly matches our existing brick. We had a minor issue pop up a few months after completing the job but they took care of it in less than 24 hours; they stand behind their work! Highly recommend. Joe Riggs
Justin Stone's Rating
Dan and his team at McFall Masonry did an exceptional job with my retaining wall project. From the start, there were many challenges to overcome. His team provided good design advice and we agreed on the path forward. I’m ecstatic with the outcome of the retaining wall. Justin Stone

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