Retaining Wall Installation in Argyle, TX

Brick and Stone Masons for Retaining Walls, Hardscapes, Waterfalls and more in the greater Dallas area.

Entrance Hardscapes Make Great 1st Impressions! McFall’s dedication to detail is what separates us from the pack. Your entrance hardscapes require the best of the best, as they set the stage for your home to inspire lasting first impressions.

Retaining Walls

A brick retaining wall built by McFall Masonry and Construction in Argyle, TXRetaining walls are generally built in order to retain soil or provide drainage control. However, retaining walls also provide aesthetic and landscape design functions. A courtyard wall around a patio can serve as additional seating and retaining walls can be built to gain additional space in your yard. We strive to make every retaining wall both functional and aesthetically satisfying. Many homeowners have old, deteriorated wood retaining walls that need to be removed. McFall Masonry & Construction can handle the removal and proper disposal of the old wall and assist you in determining the right materials and price range for your project. We build a wide range of retaining walls that blend shapes, textures, and colors that will compliment your architecture. Beyond brick, we have created boulder walls, natural stone walls, natural stone outcroppings, ledge stone, rosetta stone, and sandstone walls. We have the knowledge and experience to expertly build any size retaining wall.


McFall Masonry & Construction builds beautiful waterfalls. Our rock or brick construction depends on the style of your landscape and whether or not your waterfall sits at your pond’s edge, flowing directly into a pond. Perhaps your waterfall is away from your pond’s edge requiring differing kinds of rock placements. You may want mini-waterfalls with “stair-like” areas incorporating flat rock or sandstone ledges. We’re eager to design and build out your custom waterfall area.

Contact us today for more information about our beautiful and functional retaining wall and water feature construction services and to schedule a free design consultation.

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