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A New Year

    Well the holidays are over with, most of us are recovering from over spending, but it is a New Year.

Time to start thinking about all those home improvements that you’ve been wanting and finally get serious about doing something about it. It’s currently early January, those improvements can be easier to pay for if you move now. Normally the first 2 months of the year is the time to make a deal. Our prices are usually a bit lower at this time, maybe 10% less, plus we can negotiate even more with larger projects.

    Please check out our website thoroughly, go through all the pages, look over the photo gallery, check out each picture, we do it all. You do not need to find multiple contractors. All the people that work for us & you are our people. We do not use sub-contractors, many of our crew members have been trained by our company from the ground up, starting as a simple laborer and becoming skilled at all the trades or at least one or two of the trades that we are involved in.

  Check out our referral page. Now, we don’t have a ton of testimonies, anybody can post a testimony, you really wouldn’t know for sure if it’s a real reference or not. Most of our references are somewhat known people or high profile. We have the builder of every Chuck E Cheese restaurant in the nation, we’ve built many of them ourselves. We have a famous Hall of Fame football player, actually one of the most famous players of all time. We have a TV producer, fairly famous if you’ve been in Texas for awhile. We have a Federal judge with his testimony about fixing his flagstone patio. We do have a couple of people with there testimony that are not know to the public, only because they asked if they could write a testimony for our website.

   Check out the blogs, I write a bunch of them, check them out, some of these blogs can  be helpful before you begin your project.

   Remember, McFall Masonry and Construction does it all when it comes to outdoors, and indoor too. Outdoor fireplaces, indoor fireplace remodels, complete outdoor kitchens, planters, borders, retaining walls, all types of repairs, if it involves masonry of any kind, call us. We also install new fencing, repair decks

   Don’t forget concrete, as you’ll see on our site, we do all types of concrete, stamped concrete, if it’s concrete, we pour it. If you have old concrete that needs to be removed first, we do that as well. A word of advice, be careful by contractors that want to overlay, or spray something over old concrete, this can indeed be done, but if it’s terribly cracked up, or even partial cracks, but large cracks, or if the concrete has pulled farther from the house than it once was. Problems can occur and probably will, long after the final check is cashed.

   Call McFall Masonry & Construction for all your home improvements needs.