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Are You Thinking About an Outdoor Kitchen?

The definition of outdoor kitchens has changed dramatically over the past 15 years. At one time, an outdoor kitchen was a concrete patio, a patio cover, an outdoor fireplace, stone bench, stone counter, stone bar, and a BBQ grill.

At McFall Masonry, we have noticed that the definition of an outdoor kitchen has narrowed to just a BBQ grill in most cases. As we visit potential customers that request an estimate for an outdoor kitchen, we find that 90% of these estimates are for a built-in BBQ grills and nothing more.

McFall Masonry has constructed hundreds of built-in BBQ grills over the years. We have photos of these in all varieties, from simple to elaborate. On the simple side is a grill, an access door below, and some counter space. The more elaborate projects include a grill, an ‘Egg’, access doors, refrigerators, trash compactors, ice chests, bars, and eating counters.

It is very important for the construction process to have a firm foundation to build on. If we are building onto an existing patio, some piers are important to install under the patio. The stone/brick BBQ grill structures are very heavy and may crack your patio if we don’t shore up the area in which the BBQ grill is constructed.

Customers will ask if we can build-in their existing BBQ grill which sits on a cart with wheels. This is not always wise, as these types of grills have a thinner grade of metal. If this type of grill is completely enclosed, the metal may get too hot and the grill could explode. The recommended types of grills to build-in have a gauge of metal in which it can be installed and enclosed without danger of explosion. Three types of grills used are most common: heat by briquettes only, gas powered, and heat by propane. The gas and propane are similar, except for one hook-up fitting under the grill. Gas hook-up will always be more expensive due to the need for hiring a plumber certified with gas to install this portion.

When installing all the items you may want, it is important to keep in mind that the refrigerators purchased must be made for the outdoors. Regardless of size, you must make sure the unit will function properly in our Texas heat.

We at Mcfall Masonry suggest that when shopping for grills and accessories, you visit Barbeques Galore. There are a few stores in the DFW area that might have all you need for the project. McFall Masonry receives a 10% discount from Barbeques Galore that we always credit to the customer. When buying only a grill and a door, the cost could be as much as $1500.00 or more, so we realize that a 10% savings will help the budget.

Please call or email McFall Masonry when shopping around for a new outdoor kitchen. We are happy to visit you and go over your outdoor projects together.