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Company Staff

At McFall Masonry and Construction, we employ only responsible, honest and polite people to work for us. We do not allow foul language, overly loud talking, playing around and so on. If we receive a complaint about any of these things, the employee is given one warning. If they continue in the wrong direction, we let them go, no matter what their experience is.

We had an employee who had been with us for 2 years- a good tradesman with experience in concrete and patio covers. Several warnings were given to him regarding his behavior. He did not change, so we let him go last year. We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior on the job site, which after all is your property.

At times, we do hire experienced tradesman when the opportunity arises. Usually we start with young men, and they will labor with us for a time. We then see who truly rises up and is almost a natural at what they are doing. We then will begin a training process in one area of the trade, for instance, teaching him how to finish concrete or to set stone properly. If they become good at this, we then will expand them into other areas of the trades. Sometimes our employees are experienced in only one area of the trades, and other times they become experienced in several areas, such as concrete and constructing patio covers.

Let me give you a sports analogy. I'll do my favorite sport - baseball. Our crew members usually start in the minor league, and as they become well experienced, we send them up to the majors. Depending on their performance and experience, they will either stay in the minor league or move up and do much more.

This sets us apart from many other contractors. Often most, men are experienced in just one trade, such as stonework. Sometimes they are not even able to set brick. Most of our men are experienced in more than one area of McFall Masonry and Construction’s scope of work. You will find this is unique to most companies.

Also at McFall Masonry and Construction, we rarely, if ever, use sub-contractors. We use our own crews. If another contractor is need, let’s say for hooking up gas to a fireplace, either we or you can arrange an estimate for this need, and you can hire them and pay them direct. We’re not going to make money off another contractor by raising the estimate to ‘pad’ the contract.

Please give us a call. We usually are booked out for about a month at this time of year which is spring, so the sooner the better to call for an estimate. If you have mortar repair then this is different, we have separate crews for our repair work and can usually get to your repair within a week. Give us a call now.