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It's Time for an Estimate

When receiving an estimate from McFall Masonry, keep in mind you can expect to work with highly experienced tradesman who are able to communicate in fluent English and answer any questions you may have about your project throughout the entire construction process. Even with all of these factors considered, we are usually very competitive in our pricing. 

When comparing pricing, please make sure you are comparing apples to apples; a slight difference of the project in your mind could cause a substantial difference in pricing.  For example, when comparing quotes, make sure that all materials being used are of the same quality and all the workmanship is the same.  To explain further, let’s say you want a stone border that is about 12” in height. No matter who completes the project it may look the same, but pricing is very different. The difference may be because one company may just throw a little mortar on the ground and set the stone in, another company, let’s say McFall Masonry, will pour a concrete foundation with rebar in the foundation. The difference between the two methods is that in 2 years, the border with mortar will have shifted, gotten misaligned, and be very disappointing to look at but the border with concrete and rebar will still be aligned and perfectly in place even though in the beginning, both looked the same.

When going online to find a contractor, a customer usually will type in a keyword of some area they are interested in, such as patios or outdoor kitchens. Keep in mind that at McFall Masonry and Construction, we offer services in many trades in the construction industry. Often when we go on an appointment for example, a patio, we’ll see another contractor there giving an estimate for an outdoor kitchen. What sets McFall Masonry and Construction apart from the rest is that we do it all.  If you are looking for multiple projects to get completed, please know that we offer many services in many trades.

When receiving an estimate, please be aware of the many, many contractors out there.  There are probably many more than you may think who will under price everyone else just ‘to get the job’ and it will be at your expense. Having said that, there are also many contractors who will do a good job, with proper structural integrity. McFall Masonry and Construction is one of those companies.

Take a minute to browse our website and give us a call, email us, or fill out our information form on the site–we offer 3 ways to contact us. We’ll be happy to set an appointment, come out to your location, explain all the processes for you and give you the best price we can. If it’s over your budget, let us know, we can offer creative ways to fit your budget.