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Let's Talk Review

Reviews are quite interesting, they are a part of life these days & is here to stay.

At one time in the service industry, whether it be construction or something else, before reviews existed, people would ask for three or four names of customers that you have serviced, so that they could call them, of course this would not be very accurate, but it was really the only way for decades.

Google reviews is of course the most popular. Although there are other review sources, Google is where everybody goes for the most part.

Reviews are difficult thing to get a customer to do for us. You can ask a dozen customers for a review, you’re probably lucky to get one of them to actually give a review. I’m always very skeptical when you look at a company who has 15,000 reviews for example, there are other ways to obtain reviews that are not accurate reviews. For example, we probably perform approximately 150 outdoor home improvement projects a year, yet we currently only have 129 reviews, it’s difficult to get reviews.

We currently have 4.4 stars, now why is that, why do we not have five stars? It is difficult to make everybody 100% happy and often times there can be one minor little incident that happens on a job, and the customer will give you a bad review. Even though we will correct a situation.

With the exception of a few customers, I have found that when receiving a positive review, the customer is mediocre to good in giving that review, which we certainly do appreciate. When someone decides to give a bad review, rather than being completely honest, this customer will have a tendency to make you sound like you were the worst person on earth. I guess that’s just the nature of people.

My suggestion when looking at reviews. If you have scanned a companies reviews and read dozens of reviews and come across one or two bad reviews, ask the contractor about that review, don’t just give up on that contractor, there’s probably a very good explanation, more than likely it will not reflect what was said in the review.

So please, when you’re having some home improvement work on your home, and you’re happy with the work that the contractor performed, and the contractor asks for a review, take a few minutes and give them that review, it is always appreciated.