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Here we are in mid summer, it's been a pretty crazy year so far. late winter started with a bang, just like it usually goes in mid Spring, but then things slowed a bit, this was really strange with the economy going gang busters here in North Texas.

Big storms hit, not tornados, but hail, and lots of it, a couple of times. Thousands of people were affected with baseball size hail hitting homes relentlessly. Here we are months later and we're still going on appointments, giving estimates for hail damage, with even the brick on homes damaged to the point of needing replacement.

It took awhile before we figured out why the calls slowed a bit, but then it became clear. Thousands of people literally were going to receive insurance checks, often for more than what they needed to fix roofs, etc. It seems that almost silly things will get paid on. One year I myself received some insurance money from hail damage for my metal carport roof and metal shed, I couldn't even see the dents, to say the least, we spent the money elsewhere in the home.

So that's what many customers do, they take their insurance money and pay for that stamped concrete patio they've been wanting, or that outdoor kitchen, and on and on.

Before we know it summer will wind down, school will start in about a month and then the fall rush will start, this rush is very much like our spring rush, it'll carry our crews well into winter and then spring again. I would suggest if you're looking to do some improvements on your home during the fall, hoping to complete some project before those holidays hit, and they will be here before you know it, then give us a call, we'll be happy to set up an appointment and give you an estimate, most of the time we will be able to give you a price for your project right on the spot.

Hope all is well with all our Texas friends, give us a call!