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New Website for McFall Masonry and Construction

Here at Mcfall Masonry and Construction, we are very pleased with our new website. A lot of work was put into the creation of this site. At one time, we had two websites due to the fact that we have different divisions within our company. Our company extends into several different areas of home improvement, and we were feeling the need to merge all that we do into one site.

When coming to our site, you often may not realize that we have all these different scopes of work within the company. For instance, you may google retaining walls and google will direct you to our site, but usually only to the area of our site that discusses retaining walls. You may indeed want to also pour a new patio, install wood floors or even remodel your bathroom. Now when visiting our site, you are able to see all that we are involved with in the home improvement area. With two different sites that was really impossible to know these things.

McFall Masonry and Construction primarily uses all our own labor and crews. Occasionally, we may sub-contract to others, but this is rare. In the case of granite countertops, we usually sub-contract to a granite contractor due to the fact they are able to obtain any type of granite and have the proper equipment.

Please look through our website. You can simply go to a page about outdoor kitchens, check it out and make the decision to call us. At the same time our site is fairly massive, you can travel to page after page checking out all the different scopes of work that we at McFall Masonry and Construction offer to the public.

Often, every week in fact, we hear from potential customers that you do not want to call several contractors, working at getting all your project completed, keeping up with so many people. At McFall Masonry and Construction, we are different than most general contractors. We’ve always operated in a general contractor sense even when we only offered stonework way back 35 years ago, because we never went through another contractor. Most general contractors hire out sub-contractors, which raises prices. You take a chance that a sub-contractor may perform a bad job and sometimes you can get stuck. That general contractor may have in his fine print that he or she is not responsible for the sub doing a bad job. At McFall masonry and Construction, we use all our own crews 95% of the time or more.

Give us a call for all your home improvement needs.

We thank High Level Marketing for all the sweat and tears they put into building our new site, I wouldn’t use anybody else, they are the best.