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3 Quickest Ways to Receive a Construction Estimate

McFall Masonry offers a variety of ways for customers to contact us for appointments to receive estimates. Customers can contact us by phone, during which they can leave a voice mail, which will be returned the same day or within 24 hours.

One more method of contact is by email. On our site’s Contact page, you can actually click our email address directly from the page to send us a message. This allows our potential customers to explain more in-depth what they are looking for.

When searching for a contractor online, which is how McFall Masonry is usually found, you can contact us directly through our website. You will notice on, that there is a lead form on the right side of most pages throughout the site, where potential customers can submit an inquiry. This allows us to see what town you live in, what type of project you are looking to have completed, the best times to schedule an appointment, and your contact information. Using the lead form is the method we find to be best, because it allows McFall Masonry to gather and organize your information for an effective follow-up.

When receiving an estimate, please realize that McFall Masonry has highly experienced tradesmen who are able to communicate in fluent English and answer any questions you may have about your project during the construction process. Even with our level of experience and expertise, we are usually very competitive in our pricing. When comparing pricing, please make sure you are comparing closely. A slight difference to the project in your mind could cause a substantial difference in pricing. An important element of comparing is making sure that all materials being used are of the highest quality, and that all workmanship is the same. Say you want a stone border that is about 12” in height. The project may look the same no matter who completed it, but pricing could be very different because one company may just throw a little mortar on the ground and set the stone in, for example. The other company, like McFall Masonry for example, will pour a concrete foundation with rebar in the foundation. The difference is that in 2 years, the border with mortar will have shifted, gotten misaligned, and be very disappointing to look at, but the border with concrete and rebar will still be aligned and perfectly in place.

When receiving an estimate, please be aware of the many contractors out there who will under-quote everyone else just to get your business. This will likely be at your expense. At McFall Masonry, we will be honest with you and tell you that there are many contractors who will do a good job, with proper structural integrity.