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Concrete Styles

People are constantly thinking about new patios. In today’s world there are a lot of choices when it comes to patios and concrete styles.  Luckily, McFall Masonry & Construction is involved in most of these styles.

We pour concrete every week, and still the most popular is traditional gray concrete with a broom finish.  A broom finish is the type you would normally see on most concrete driveways and walkways. I suppose the reason for this being the most popular is because it’s the most cost effective, it’s simply cheaper, and all flatwork concrete serves the same purpose, it’s the look that changes.

Another style is a salt finish.  This type of finish is fairly new to Texas, although this style has been around for decades in western states. Salt finish is usually begins with traditional grey concrete (although it can be colored or stained). As the concrete is beginning to set up or harden, salt pellets are thrown onto the concrete in a ‘scattered’ fashion, creating little small holes throughout your patio. This style allows traction when the concrete is wet, yet it’s not rough concrete, but the salt creates its own custom look.

A style we see everywhere in Texas is exposed aggregate. This is the type of style where you see all of the surface pebbles. When pouring the concrete, it’s poured with a smaller type of rock. When it begins to harden, the surface is sprayed off (in the industry we refer to it as the cream) exposing the rock. Often times around pool decks we’ll also ‘seed’ the concrete by throwing more pebbles onto the concrete in a scattered fashion creating a more condensed look.  This technique keeps the concrete from becoming slick when it’s wet around the pool. Keep in mind that this style is quickly going away–most builders just aren’t pouring it much anymore. The style simply has run its course and some ready mix companies are not even supplying the rock anymore.

All grey concrete can be stained different colors, then sealed to add a design unique to your patio. The stain is transparent, so any scars that are on your surface will come through the stain, creating it’s own style, which is a great way to spruce up an existing patio.

Stamped concrete has become very popular, close to 40% of potential customers ask for this style. Stamped concrete has come a long way in 30 years.  Originally we had one style and one color. Todays stamped concrete has every design imaginable and every color combination you can possibly come up with. We seal the concrete with a permanent semi gloss absorbent sealant that will make your patio shout with greatness. This style is more expensive, perhaps the most expensive style, but many customers are opting for this style.

At McFall Masonry & Construction, we service all these styles and our crews pour and finish every style mentioned in this blog.