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Give Yourself the Gift of Home Improvement this Season

It is now the holiday season, and thoughts are often more on gift giving than they are on pouring concrete. But like everything else, construction moves forward. If you are looking to improve your home, it could be financially beneficial for you to move forward a little earlier than you may have wanted to. Prices are typically lower right now, are negotiations are a bit more liberal. At McFall Masonry & Construction, we automatically lower our prices during this time of year, and we are more than happy to do some negotiating on the price as well.

I just heard a commercial from a window installer that advertised winter prices being 20% lower than the rest of the year. You can see that many service providers do this, and it can be very wise to take advantage of now.

This particular 2014 season is seeing the weather hold very well. Here in North Texas we never know what to expect. Even last year at this time we had snow on the ground. We've had a few cold days and a few freezing mornings, but for the most part the weather is doing well. The long-term forecast is looking good, so act now if you can!

One thing we at McFall Masonry & Construction will not do is cut out the integrity of your project. So remember that when it comes to the material required for your project, it will always be the same no matter what time of year it is. Material prices in the past typically rise as spring approaches. While this is still the case, we’re unfortunately seeing this happen at all different times of the year. Approximately 30 days ago, our prices on concrete jumped to $10 per yard. What this means in dollars and cents is this: The average backyard patio and walkway to a rear gate will average 5-7 yards, so your project will now cost $50-$70 more than it would have a month ago for a patio this size.

These price jumps are across the board for bagged cement, rebar, stone, rock, sand, and literally any material required for your project. If the price goes up, you as the consumer have to pay for it. So this is another good reason to move forward ASAP if you are looking to have a home improvement project completed at your home.
Here at McFall Masonry & Construction, we can handle any size need or project that you may have, whether it's repairing a small mortar crack or redesigning your entire backyard.

Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out a request form on our website. We’re here to help!

Christmas comes and goes, and like most holidays, we look forward to it with great anticipation and then suddenly it's over.  If you wait until after the holiday, it could cost you.

As the New Year approaches, we look forward to serving even more customers here at McFall Masonry and Construction.  We average well over 100 projects every year, some small, some large. No matter the project, we look forward each and every year to the new projects that will come our way.