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It's Fall

   It is finally fall and it seems to be warmer than most Octobers. At McFall Masonry and Construction, we work on projects all year. This time of year is really the best time of year for your project. Temperatures are down. It is still warm but not too hot. With these types of temperatures, no special needs are there for your project.
   It’s time to call and negotiate. Often we can discount your project by 10%. That may not seem like much if you have a small repair to take care of, but if you have an outdoor kitchen or large retaining wall or both, let’s say a $10,000 project, then you may be able to discount that project down by $1000. Now that’s a good savings.
   Remember, springtime is not the prime time to get your project complete. It’s the remainder of the year that we are able to give more discounted pricing. Here in North Texas, we do not have to be concerned with harsh winters or even harsh fall seasons. I know that just this week in the north, specifically Montana, they received about a foot of snow. That just does not happen here. Most winters here in North Texas, we may have a few days that it stays below freezing, or a day of snow that melts the same day. Let’s get going on your project, you may be able to save enough to go on that weekend trip you’ve been wanting to go on.
   Please remember a few things when getting an estimate for your project. Do some homework on the building process. Let me give some examples. Let’s say you want a small retaining wall, maybe eighteen inches high. How is the main part of this wall being constructed, the foundation. Many times I will be called out to repair somebody else’s work, I’ll find out that all they did was spread a little mortar under the wall and then build the wall. The proper method would be an 8” deep concrete foundation with rebar running through the foundation, the wall will not move or sink or fall apart. Here’s the rub… if you don’t watch or ask questions, then you don’t know. It won’t look any different no matter how it’s built until it starts to fall apart a year later. You may want a new patio, ask questions. Is the patio 4” thick, very important, is rebar being installed, very important, strength of concrete, we have the option to order 2000psi strength concrete if we want, well if that happens it’ll crack for sure, nothing can stop a crack, but there are many things we can do, like order 3000psi strength concrete, this is the strength of house foundations.
   At McFall Masonry and Construction, we construct your project correctly.