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Spring is in full swing!

Well, spring is full bloom. Here in North Texas, it's fully green again from a mild winter yet a brown leafless winter. It’s great, except for some pretty good severe storms we’ve had this spring and I would like to address this for a bit.

Spring storms hit and sometimes a severe storm comes through, although we can get tornados and certainly do, it seems it’s the hail storms that we fear most. A tornado is bad, but usually isn’t widespread, almost never will the tornado affect hundreds and hundreds of homes. Hail storms will affect that many. My home was hit with a hail storm about a month ago, it didn’t affect our roof, but it did bust out two skylights. That same night, the same storm, kept traveling and hit a friend of mines house 12 miles away and destroyed his roof, and many hundreds of houses in between mine and my friend’s house.

I would suggest that you are very careful of many of the contractors showing up to contract repair work. Many of these contractors or so-called contractors are not from our area, now I’m all for people wanting to work, but if you hire a contractor to perform repairs or new work at your home and they are from an areas that is hundreds of miles away or even further, what will you do if a warranty issue arises, they will be long gone and will not be able to service that warranty.

It’s not just roofers, often we take the insurance money and maybe have a patio cover built or an outdoor kitchen, the same issues are there.

It’s funny, or maybe not, but I am at Home Depot, Lowe’s & other material yards many times a week. After these storms come through the area, I’ll see many trucks at these yards that I haven’t seen before. They will have signs on their trucks with every name you could possibly think of, these signs are clean, bright, pretty much brand new. They look like they just took them out of storage in their garage and put them on their trucks. Or they go to a sign establishment and have them made, this can be done in a matter of a couple of days, that’s all it takes. Don’t be fooled by a local phone number, these phone numbers can be produced overnight or an out of area contractor keeps the number for years, waiting for the next North Texas storm. It’s the same with addresses, anybody can purchase a false address for a few dollars.

McFall Masonry and Construction does not install roofs, but we do a lot of the trades, give us a call for all your needs, we can suggest a local roofer if you need one