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New Year, New Outdoor Kitchen

As the New Year begins, many people are starting to think about outdoor projects.  More often than not, they’re thinking about an outdoor kitchen. At McFall Masonry, we suggest that you start planning now by looking at what you want, where you want it, and what your budget is. Even though budget may not be there just yet, you can still start planning and begin receiving estimates from contractors. Before we know it, spring will be here, and we’ll be building outdoor kitchens.  Start to plan now and, if budget allows, begin the project.  We are offering winter prices for a short time.

McFall Masonry has constructed hundreds of built-in BBQs through the years.  You can view a variety of them on our website, from the simple to the elaborate. A simple outdoor kitchen includes a grill, an access door below & some counter space.  Sometimes we install a grill, an ‘Egg’, access doors, refrigerators, trash compactors, ice chests, bars & eating counters.

The construction process is such that it’s very important to have a firm foundation.  If we are building on an existing patio it’s important to install some piers under the patio. The stone/brick BBQs structures are very heavy and may crack your patio if we don’t shore up the area where the BBQ is constructed.

At times, a customer will ask if we can build-in their BBQ that they already have that sits on a cart with wheels. Most of the time this is not wise, these types of grill have a thinner grade of metal and if this type of grill is completely enclosed, the metal may get too hot and the grill could explode. The insert type of grill has a gauge of that allows it to be installed and enclosed without danger of explosion. The three types of grills that are most common are: heat by brickets only, heat by gas powered, heat by propane powered. The gas and propane are the same except for one hook up fitting under the grill. Gas hook up will always be more expensive, this is due to the need to hire a plumber certified with gas to install this portion of construction. Electrical, if needed or wanted also will cost more, electrical contractors must also be licensed to do the wiring.

When installing all the items you may want, it’s important to keep in mind that refrigerators must be purchased that are made for outdoors, just because you may see one that is small, does not mean it’ll work outdoors in our Texas heat.

Please give McFall masonry a call or drop us an email when shopping around for a new outdoor kitchen, we are happy to visit you and go over your outdoor projects.