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Be Prepared for Your Construction Estimate

As a home improvement contractor, McFall Masonry & Construction meets with many potential customers. On average, we meet with new potential customers 40 times a month to not just provide the estimate, but to really grasp what the owner of the home has mind for their yard.
We find that some people know exactly what they want. They can point out exactly where their outdoor kitchen, patio, or stone flower planter will be placed. We also have many people who have just a slight idea, but can’t really picture where something should go, or even what size of a patio they might want. McFall Masonry & Construction has been in business for 35 years, and there is not much we haven’t seen, built, or completed. We are almost always able to see the end right from the beginning, and are happy to guide a future customer through the process of construction while giving ideas and helping them envision the finished product.
Often, we will attend an appointment and the new potential client is so prepared that they begin to tell us how something should be constructed. Of course this is fine, but is usually the case when that customer worked in the trade for some time, has done online research, or watched construction television shows. This may be somewhat educational, but watching “how to prepare to pour a patio” that may have been filmed in California or New York, will not apply to North Texas. Climate and type of soil changes everything. For example, constructing a retaining wall to earthquake or hurricane standards may be fine, and certainly a very strong, but will likely be constructed in a manner that is excessive and much more costly. Let McFall Masonry & Construction explain the process. With our 35 years of experience, we know how everything in the trade should be constructed to last for many years.
When the homeowner must receive approval from an HOA (Home Owners Association), which is quite often, our suggestion would be to do this before calling for estimates. Usually, in the homeowner paperwork, is a plot plan which is a layout of the property: fence line, outline of the home, and all needed measurements. Almost every HOA will accept lines drawn in red where all patios, walls, planter, borders, etc. will be placed along with what types. The HOA paperwork will explain this simply, and almost every HOA is different with how much detail they want. Often, McFall Masonry & Construction will come for an estimate, be awarded the project, and have to wait up to six weeks since the customer’s HOA approval was not yet filled out and turned in. Many times, a permit is required from the city where they reside, and this to may take time depending on the town or city. In some cases, we may get approval the same day, and in other cases it could be 2 weeks. It’s helpful if the customer has prepared for this, but McFall Masonry & Construction will gladly pull the necessary permits.
When looking to have a project completed, it is best to have an idea of material that you may desire. Visit stone yards and take a few pictures to get a hands-on feel for the rock. If you want stamped concrete, simply search online for an idea of colors and design. Drive around neighborhoods and see what other people have done. We also have many pictures on McFall for ideas.
At McFall Masonry & Construction, we are happy to help a potential client with all they want for their home. There is no such thing as a stupid question, and you can ask us anything.