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New Year

Here we are at the end of another year. 2016 has been a good year here in North Texas. It seems that 70% of the country could have a slow economy and Texas will just keep moving along. The forecast for the economy for 2016 looks very promising, in fact, it very well may be what the construction industry calls a banner year. This benefits everyone, I’ve been in construction a long time, 38 years as a contractor, 2 more years before that as a tradesman, and one thing I know is that if real estate and construction is going well, then everyone does well, it’s just the way it goes. I’ve watched it for way too long to come to any other conclusion, so let’s get going.
Right now, a couple of days before the new year, prices are still discounted for winter and the potential for the client to work the deal is there for sure. Here is what will happen soon, spring is around the corner, I know, I know, winter just started, but here in Texas, if we have an average winter, the construction industry literally looks at February as spring starting. Certainly price increase on materials, from concrete, stone, fuel, all this will begin to go up. Construction crews are willing to take a slight pay decrease to keep working if need be. There’s an old saying in this industry, ‘half a loaf is better than no loaf’, so in construction, everyone is willing to work things out to keep working,  but that doesn’t last long and the pay shoots back up and more sometimes.
So what am I saying here, well, if you want a good deal, there’s still time, the long-term looks good after those few days of very hard freeze we had. Let’s get that concrete poured, that outdoor kitchen built, that fire pit  going, the list really does go on forever, we at McFall Masonry and Construction can do it for you.
Check out our website thoroughly, we have expanded our services the last couple of years, we can usually handle most all your home improvement needs, indoors and outdoors. Most of the services we offer are completed by our own crews, we  rarely have the need to go out of the company to sub-contract for a service to be completed.
So get over that Christmas spending hangover and get moving, at McFall Masonry and Construction, we are always ready to schedule an appointment to  give you an estimate and to help with ideas if that’s what you need. We are grateful for each and every customer and always strive to give you not just a great looking completed project, but always engineered correctly so it lasts not just for years, but decades.