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Here we are in the middle of winter. For us in North Texas some of this winter has been terribly frozen. Today, mid January it’s in the teens for mid morning. Most of the time we can still do something outside, today not so much. We are still in the middle of preparation for a tall retaining wall. We need to dig with a Backhoe, but a backhoe that’s not enclosed. It’s really to cold to operate the controls, too cold to even move around. My labor crew must assist the backhoe operator with picks and shovels, they would need to be soo wrapped up in clothing to not freeze that they probably couldn’t move well at all. What’s crazy is today’s high is 30 degrees, in two days the high will be 50 degrees, in 4 days the high is 68 degrees. So a typical crazy Texas winter, gotta love it.

Please keep in mind that we work all year, and although sometimes your project may take a little longer than let’s say during the spring, it’ll get completed. The length of day is shorter and due to the early day cold, we usually start a little later than we would like. We often times give discounts this time of year due to some inconveniences like your project taking a little longer.

I also would like to address the issue of reviews. Reviews seem to be such a huge issue today and rightly so, but reviews get mixed up and not placed properly, keep this in mind. I will get a potential customer that will ask me about bad reviews or tell me they can’t hire me because of a bad review and then I’ll get a customer who will hire us because we have great reviews. Customer service will drive us crazy sometimes. We built a beautiful outdoor fireplace, this fireplace was 14’ in height, it turned out just wonderful. We were there longer than expected because it turned very cold, in the 30s, we just will not set stone with mortar if it stays under 40 degrees all day, this is not good workmanship practice, the stone could start falling apart at a later date, this customer lives on 2 acres, he wasn’t real upset about the time it took, he wasn’t upset about the covered cement on a pallot that we were using for the build, he was upset and gave us a bad review because of a half filled trash bag that sat next to the pallot and wasn’t taken away, he received a great product but complained about a trash bag, so it can be tough to please and reviews can be not so honest.

McFall Masonry & Construction completes about 120 projects per year with easily a 98% very satisfied customer rating. So if a review is read that isn’t the greatest in the world, please keep in mind that it is a very very small dissatisfaction. McFall Masonry & Construction has decades of experience, there just isn’t anything that our company cannot tackle, we can always give you a beautiful project with proper engineering workmanship. Give us a call or email, spring is around the corner.