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Plan Ahead for Your Construction Project

At McFall Masonry & Construction, we are traveling to appointments six days a week, all year long, to give the homeowner an estimate for a project they want completed. This is truly the “life blood” of the company. Without visiting the potential customer and completing an estimate of costs for their project, we wouldn’t be in business!

When is the best time of year to receive an estimate? That depends on when you may want to have your project completed. If you are looking to have your project completed in the spring time, or at least started by then, it would be best to prepare for this by calling McFall Masonry & Construction as early as January. If you, the homeowner, are looking at your tax return to have a project constructed at your home, you probably already know what your approximate budget is and when you may be ready to financially commit to your construction project.

At McFall Masonry & Construction, we stay busy all year. When spring begins, however, our company gets very busy. If you want your project started in March or April, please don’t wait until the beginning of those months to receive an estimate. We will likely need around two weeks to schedule a time to meet with you, and unfortunately, we probably will not be able to begin your project until close to summer time at that point. So, for these reasons we ask you to call McFall Masonry & Construction early so we can schedule your project around your desired completion time.

Often, if the homeowner is looking to have a project completed with their budget already in place, particular times of year can be a little more cost effective. For instance, November, December, and January tend to be a little slower. The weather gets cold and projects can take a little longer, but that’s when you can hold the power of negotiation to lower the cost of the project. Now, before you get too excited, the discount will not cut your cost in half but could certainly take 10%-15% off. Sometimes even a 10% discount on a backyard project can reach into the thousands, and many times into the hundreds of dollars in savings. The discounts are usually made from company profits being wiped away. Our tradesman still make the same amount in wages, but during the winter, we can sometimes remove company profits to keep our crews working.

The reason I mention this is because McFall Masonry & Construction will not lesson the integrity of the project, which is always most important.