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Experience is Important

Experience in the construction industry is extremely important. Often, the typical homeowner doesn’t really think about it. Just because a few guys show up in a truck, does not mean they have extensive experience. If a tradesman is what we call in the business, a natural, then in a few short years he or she may be very good at what they do and the project may turn out great. However, natural ability is not a substitute for years of running into situations that require experience in problem solving. Difficult situations seem to come up on every project, they just do.

At McFall Masonry and Construction the beginning of 2015 marks our full 35th year in business. We have a 3rd generation member that works for the company within the family. Our company grooms most of our tradesmen and laborers so that we are confident no matter what situation may arise, the company member will know what needs to be completed to tackle the problem. 

It is very rare for us to come across a problem or very custom project that we haven’t tackled before. After 35 years, McFall Masonry and Construction has pretty much seen it all. Nothing really takes the place of experience.

Now, I know that we are not surgeons, but, if you needed open heart surgery, would you want a doctor performing for the first time on your heart? I know that I am not a dentist, but, would you want a dentist pulling your wisdom tooth, never having pulled a tooth before? The list goes on and on, the point is, if a tradesmen lacks experience and simply doesn’t complete a project structurally sound, it may cost you a lot of money.

Just the other day I was on an appointment looking at problems on an outdoor fireplace. The customer had paid a contractor $10,000.00 for a fireplace, yet the fire brick inside the firebox was beginning to fall apart–literally falling down into the ash of burnt wood. The tradesman had vertically stacked the fire brick inside the firebox very tight so upon completion it held together, they were paid and on their way. The problem occurred when the customer began to have fires in the fireplace. The brick got very hot and started to fall because they didn’t use fire mortar or any mortar for that matter. You probably as a customer don’t even know there is such a thing as fire mortar, and some contractors and tradesmen don’t even know that fire mortar exists, yet this is what has to be used for the brick to stay in place under very, very hot conditions. Now it’ll cost the customer another $1000 to repair the fireplace.

Do it right the first time, call McFall Masonry and Construction for all your home improvement needs. Remember, experience matters.