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Spring Is Here

     Well not just yet, but here in North Texas most of us agree that winter is gone and spring is right around the corner. It’s only mid February, but already, we are having daytime temperatures in the mid 70s. For us Texans, that feels a lot like spring. Next week it’ll drop down to the high 60s with a little possibility of rain. No freezes, in fact, we’ve had very little freezing weather this year with no snow or ice storms. Of course, we all know that March could roll forth and we get socked with 6” of snow, but not likely. If we do, it’ll be very short lived. These are simply patterns that seem go like they do here in North Texas.

   Now why do I mention all this? Well, here at McFall Masonry & Construction, we’ve been pretty busy for winter time for sure, but we’re getting very busy a little early this year, as I’m sure everyone is. It won’t be long before we’re booked months in advance. As the owner of McFall Masonry & Construction, my days are already filled with appointments, giving soon to be customers estimates for there home improvement projects.

   It’s best to call now and schedule an appointment for an estimate. If you are not quite ready thinking the funds will not be there for another month or two, call today anyway, Lets see what we can do for you. If the price is right for your project, we can at least get you scheduled into our work schedule. The problem is this, if you wait until May let’s say, because that’s when the money will be there, then you call for an estimate, hoping to get your project underway, we can certainly come out and give you an estimate, but it could be months before we’ll be able to get to you. My suggestion would be to plan ahead. In fact, we already have projects scheduled for March where we’ve been to the customer’s home and contracted with the homeowner because thats when the funds will come in. It's already starting, and because they started early, we’ll be able to start there project at the time they are hoping for.

    So many homeowners are looking for that outdoor expanded stamped concrete patio, or for that fire pit to sit around on spring nights, or the outdoor kitchen to throw the brisket on. There are always so many ideas such as the simple brick or stone planter that really dress up your yard for the spring flowers. 

   Remember, at McFall Masonry & Construction, we do it all, big or small. Call today!!!