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Tax Returns & HOAs

     Here we are heading toward the end of January, or as we like it in North Texas, almost spring. Already, many people are looking to the very near future and calling for an appointment to receive an estimate for some home improvement. Many are aware that there tax returns are not far away. It seems we always have a focus on how we’ll spend the thousands we should receive. What do many people do is get their taxes completed as they possibly can, which is around this time. 
     Individuals who do not need to wait for their tax returns are calling us, many times a day, and hiring McFall Masonry and Construction to begin work on there home improvement. We’re having a typical North Texas winter, many warm days, many cool days, and just a few freeze days sprinkled in for good measure. You know spring is right around the corner when Walmart is already displaying their lawn mowers, BBQs, etc.
     Now, when we go to appointments, the customer already has what they are looking for in order, except one major hiccup, the dreaded HOA. They want their project started, but have not submitted approvals yet. It’s always wise to take care of this paperwork before calling us. If you need help with that, then you can absolutely call us at McFall Masonry and Construction so we can assist you in that process. Often, HOA requirements are very simple. You take your plot plan (survey), pretty much everybody has one and sketch out where on the plot plan the patio, patio cover, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, planters, fireplace, or retaining wall may be going on your property. It’s usually wise to draw with separate colors each item you plan on installing and marking what it is. Sometimes the HOA would like to see what type of material you may be using. Some HOAs are much more relaxed, and some are way out there, practically wanting to know what type of nails are being hammered into that patio cover, (no, I’m not kidding). You should have some paperwork about your HOA. Sometimes HOAs also have a management company that runs it. If you live in one of those neighborhoods, it can be a minor nightmare, you’ll need two approvals, and the management company is the tough one. At times, an HOA will call McFall Masonry and Construction to hire us to repair or replace there outer brick wall to the subdivision. We always ask if there HOA is controlled by a management company. If they are, we usually turn them down for the work because it’s very difficult to deal with them and get paid.
     So get ready, get all your ducks in a row, get those tax returns and let’s get started with your home improvement, so you can enjoy spring, summer, our wonderful falls & yes, even our great mild winters. Today is February 6th 2017 and it’s 71 degrees outside at 7pm. I’m sitting at my desk with the window open right in front of me, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call!