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Warranties on Brick and Concrete Work

North Texas has active ground movement, which often causes the projects we complete to move with the ground immediately. This is frustrating for both the contractor and the homeowner. We have seen roads that started out level and end up with dips and hills in a few short years.
What is important is how a project is constructed. Often, I see work performed in a manner in that simply will not hold together. For instance, a rock border needs to have a concrete footing that is 8” deep and reinforced with rebar. Unfortunately, many tradesmen will not do this, but it is a safeguard for when the earth moves. McFall Masonry & Construction guarantees that we will build with strength so that if a problem arises, we are backed by great workmanship. Doing this correctly typically costs more, but we are able to come back and take care of any possible problems. McFall Masonry & Construction always builds with strength so work is reinforced to fight against movement. This is important no matter what we are building, and this way we guarantee it all.
When repairing mortar and cracked bricks on homes, we are asked every time whether we guarantee our work. The answer is yes, we guarantee that we will remove and replace the cracked mortar with new, compressive strength 3000 psi mortar. We also guarantee this new mortar will bind anew to the brick or stone. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your home or any area of your property will stop moving. If your home continues to move, the cracks may come back. Ignoring the repair will only make things worse because the cracks will grow, brick or stone will loosen, and your home will begin to fall apart. It is important to continue the maintenance on your home because even if cracks reappear, you are holding the home together by continually re-pointing the mortar, which sometimes must be done annually.
When referring to concrete work, it is a difficult thing to understand when a crack may appear. We guarantee that we will do all we can to prevent cracking in concrete, or to prevent the concrete from floating around. The ground under the patio must be solid. In North Texas, we must install #3 rebar every 18 inches both ways, and we pour a minimum of 4 inches thick, which is ½ inch thicker than what engineers call for. McFall Masonry & Construction guarantees to pour 3000 psi strength concrete, and that we will have the proper moisture in the ground before pouring your concrete. When the weather is hot, we guarantee to spray concrete cure on the patio or driveway when completed, which slows the curing process so the concrete dries at a proper rate and reduces the chance of cracking. With that being said, concrete can still crack no matter what precautions we take, but everything will be done by us to help prevent any cracking.
The point is that anything can happen to the work being performed, but all measures will be taken by McFall Masonry & Construction to build your project with the proper strength to last for decades. McFall Masonry & Construction will always come back for a courtesy call to look into any possible concerns. We monitor the project very closely through the entire construction process to ensure and maintain quality.