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Is now the best time of year to start your project?

Yes! January is the time to get started on your outdoor home improvements. We often think that the best time of year to get things done is in the spring, or even later in the year, but the time is now. The costly holidays are over, tax returns are arriving, and financially it may be the smartest time of the year to invest in your home. However, for some reason, most people put off their projects until later in the year.  Find out why, compared to other times of the year, this is the best time to make outdoor home improvements.

Spring, for the most part, means perfect weather and temperatures.  However, when planning your outdoor home improvements, extreme caution must be taken. Between our spring storms, unpredictable rainfall, and sometimes-hard rain, we have to watch the weather constantly.  At McFall Masonry, we know that the rain can potentially wash out your new concrete.  If rain is on its way, or if it will be raining later in the day, we will cancel concrete pouring. If we pour your concrete and a couple of hours later it does happen to rain and your concrete is damaged, it’s the responsibility of McFall Masonry, so we take extra precaution scheduling concrete in the spring.

In summer it gets hot–very hot.  We can pour concrete any time of the day when it’s hot. However, the heat also requires caution.  Additional steps must be taken when pouring concrete in the heat: wet ground is important, asking for retarder in the concrete which slows the drying process, spraying concrete cure when completed to slow the drying of the surface of the concrete, and of course, plenty of manpower. We do not take chances; so we have to make sure we can put all of these elements into play before we pour concrete in the heat.

At McFall Masonry we will not pour concrete in freezing weather. On top of that, we will not pour your concrete if it appears the concrete will not be dry before it freezes, even if the temperatures only drop below freezing in the middle of the night for a few hours. If water remains inside the concrete when the temperatures are below freezing for several hours, the water will freeze and thaw and eventually cause a weakness in the concrete.  Even though it usually takes a couple of years to appear in your concrete, the surface of the concrete will begin to flake off.  Even though we won’t pour concrete in freezing temperatures, we can still prepare for pouring during any weather.

Here in North Texas, we can begin and finish your concrete project any time of year and will take all precautions for whatever season we are dealing with. We can start and begin your Masonry project anytime of the year, whether it’s brick, stone, or rock. During the winter workdays are a bit shorter, but your project will be finished in good time. Give McFall Masonry and Construction a call or go to our website at and use our email information tab to request more information today.