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It’s Halloween 2016. I’ve seen Halloween go from a single night of trick or treating when I was a kid to where it is today… almost a holiday, with Halloween events happening through all of October. I suppose it’s all in good fun. Now, by the time you read this, Halloween will be behind us, and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There is still time to make those home improvements before your friends and family stop by for the holidays. Whether the improvements are a quick bathroom remodel to show off, some new flooring, maybe an indoor fireplace that currently has that simple, tacky border of tile surrounding just the firebox, which you can change over to an entire stone fireplace indoor wall in a matter of a couple of days, check out our website to see how different that type of improvement will make. The improvements will give you an opportunity to enjoy your home’s new look with others.

Now, let’s talk outdoors. The North Texas DFW area during a typical winter does not experience extreme cold weather, but we usually get a few freeze days… maybe even a dusting of snow that lasts for half a day. We could also get chilling winds or freezing rain. We will get one of these types of winter days. Even with just a few cool nights, an outdoor fireplace will be so nice to sit outside in front of, or a fire pit with benches around it roasting marshmallows with the family. Don’t forget the stamped concrete to circle your fire pit.

All this is still in the sights if you call now. Prices are a little more reasonable now than they are in April for example. In fact, labor costs are cut usually by 10% or so starting right about now, and material costs will normally stay the same through this time of year. Now, even though winter has yet to arrive, don’t blink, because spring will be here before you know it. Labor prices and material costs will always go back to normal. If the manufacturers are to raise their prices, it’ll happen in the spring, and it almost always does.

Here at McFall Masonry and Construction, we are happy and anxious to provide you with a free estimate, often, in fact, most of the time right on the spot. You probably will not have to wait for your quote. We’ve been around long enough to know what material cost and how long your project will take, along with the size of crew needed to complete your project. Therefore, we can usually give an on the spot estimate, and if not, within a day or two.