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McFall Masonry & Construction - Online Reviews and Complaints

I would like to explain the reviews and complaints that are so popular to post in today’s high tech world. For instance, look at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB will only list complaints, but will not accept good reviews as Yelp or Angie’s List do.

When the BBB accepts a complaint, the Bureau lists it and lowers your grade rating, which traditionally falls in the A-F scale. This grade rating will stay with a company for 6 months, and the complaint itself will remain listed forever. The only way to combat this is by joining the BBB, in which case they will then raise the company's grade and hide the old complaints which simply does not sound quite fair.

McFall Masonry & Construction received 9 complaints over a period of 10 years. This may seem a great deal when not put into perspective. We have completed over 1,000 projects in that same 10-year span. That amount of work in this time-frame gives McFall Masonry & Construction a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

If you were to try researching your favorite restaurant, you'd be likely to find bad review or two and wonder why since you love the place.
The same would stand for your favorite market and clothing store. Sometimes, even McFall Masonry & Construction cannot make every person happy, which can result in that person posting a poor review of us.

If you are concerned about negative reviews that you come across, I would advise that you discuss them with your contractor, as they are likely to have an excellent explanation for you. A company cannot stay in business with terrible reviews that truly reflect terrible service. McFall Masonry & Construction has been in business for 35 years with one owner, and operated by one family.

McFall Masonry & Construction has received many great reviews. I understand that many people may question whether reviews they see are trustworthy. McFall Masonry & Construction's testimonials provide the customer’s name and in some cases their profession, including a well-known TV producer here in Texas, a large general contractor that has built every Chuck E Cheese entertainment center in the nation, a federal judge, and a hall of fame football player. These are real people who experienced great service from McFall Masonry & Construction, and wrote helpful reviews which express just that.

The pictures in our website's gallery display a very small fraction of the projects we have completed. We do our best to display a variety that shows our potential customers the wide range of projects we take on including work with with:

I hope this is useful information for all potential customers. We love what we do, and value our customers. Contact us with any questions, and we would be glad to answer them.