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Weather & Seasons

     August 2016 sure turned out to be an odd summer month here in North Texas. We had several 100 degree plus days… and here at McFall Masonry and Construction, we still needed to take the normal overheated precautions. Crew members are getting sick from the heat and getting a sun stroke from absolutely no shade on the job. Then, things changed for the last two plus weeks. We had rain, and chance of rain almost every day throughout the month. The very odd thing is that everything stayed green. I had to mow my yard almost twice a week. I’ve never seen that in August because it’s usually dry, very hot and humid here. Instead, we were taking more Spring precaution rather than overly hot precautions with our projects.

     Now, we’re going into mid-September. School is back in session and temperatures have cooled. This is odd because September is still usually 100 one day and 90 the next day until the second half of the month. Instead, we’re at about 90 degrees for the high and mid 60s for the low. Although there is no indication of what winter will be like, right now it’s a great break.

     Fall will be here soon, which means falling prices. I would suggest if you’re still thinking of home improvements, you may save some money over the spring and summer prices. Many people start thinking about home improvement, especially outdoor home improvements around late winter in preparation for spring and summer. Looking into it now, with fall approaching, can often save an average of 10%. If you have a project that would normally cost around $5000.00, you may save about $500.00 by moving forward this fall or winter. Who couldn’t use an extra $500.00 to use for something else other than home improvement, or even expand your improvement and have even more projects taken care of around the home?

     Check out our website here at McFall Masonry and Construction. Check it out thoroughly, and see if we fit your home improvement needs. We have expanded our scope of expertise to include many different types of home improvement needs. All our crew members work for our company, and are experienced in the different scopes of improvements we offer. Often, it’s convenient to have all or most of your home improvement needs completed through one contractor. So give us a call and see how we can help you.